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Ardent Reel Reel Cleaning Kit


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The Cleanreel cassette cleaner is the perfect solution for cleaning fiber connector endfaces and will clean all standard 2.5mm and 1.25mm connector types. A simple squeeze of the lever opens a window to reveal a fresh section of anti-static micro-fiber cloth. The connector end-face is then stroked along the cloth in one direction to give a perfect clean. Each cassette cleaner contains a replaceable reel of cloth with each reel giving up to 400 cleans before it needs replacing.

After cleaning spinning reels, apply a drop of oil to the spool shaft, any spacers or drag washers on the shaft, the line guide and rotor arm on either side of the bail, and the bearings through which the handle mounts; less is better if each part is adequately oiled. Place a couple drops of oil into the maintenance port, if the reel has one, and include any spare spools you use in the cleaning and lubrication process. After cleaning baitcasting reels, apply oil to the bearing under the handle, the case for casting brakes and all spacers and washers before reassembly. After reinstalling the handle, use a cotton swab or lint free cloth to clean the worm gear. Turn the reel handle to turn the gear and move the line guide while wiping the length of gear until it’s clean. And again, on moving parts and gears is not the place to leave cotton fibers or lint from an old rag. When the worm gear shines and looks clean, add a drop of oil to it and the levelwind shaft and turn the reel handle several times to spread oil along each; then wipe away the excess with a cotton swab or cloth. As you reassemble your cleaned and lubricated reels, check and tighten all external screws. Don’t over-tighten them but ensure each is snug. If you find one loose, remember to check it occasionally because it may need replaced. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be impressed with how much better your reels feel and operate. A more thorough cleaning should be done annually. If you’re not comfortable fully disassembling a reel for cleaning, many local tackle shops offer reel cleaning services at reasonable prices. Bass Pro Shops and a few others also offer mail-in services for reels including parts replacement and cleaning. Invest a little time and money once a year and you can get many years of good, problem-free service from most mid- to upper-priced reels.

We offer a 1-week turn around on most reel cleaning services.

We offer reel cleaning and repair with the highest attention to detail.  We have over 15 years experience in repairing and cleaning fishing reels.  All reels are disassembled and cleaned with an ultra sonic cleaner.  They are then dried and re-lubed and re-assyembled.
We use full synthetic oil and grease to re-lube your reels.  If the reel needs repaired or has any broken parts we will contact you first before we install the new parts to get your permission. 

$20 for clean and repair
Return shipping is a flat $5.00 no matter how many reels you send us. 

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Ardent's Reel Kleen® Reel Cleaning Kit contains everything required for easy, regular cleaning of any make or model fishing reel. All contained in a convenient, easy-to-store, durable plastic case.

Owning means being able to see through the patina, salt, or other caked-on debris to the beauty of the original device. Some people prefer to keep old in the same condition they were found in, but others want to restore the reels to clean condition. Cleaning tips also work for those who want to rediscover the peace and tranquility of fishing but need to clean their that have been sitting in the garage unused.