Reel Evil releases to DVD and VOD on December 4th, 2012.

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More found footage goodness is making its way to the UK, as director Danny Draven’s horror Reel Evil has announced its UK DVD release date. The horror, which has already received plenty of strong word of mouth from the US, is due to arrive on DVD here in the UK on 3rd June, with an RRP of £10.99. You can pre-order the flick from now!

Reel Evil could have been one of those opportunities for the studio to shine but unfortunately as a horror story the movie fails. The director seems to have forgot the main ingredient-the thrills. There are absolutely no moments in this film that are scary or suspenseful at all. It is a pretty standard ghost story that tells a great tale but beyond the standard cookie cutter pattern of story telling there is nothing that stands out about Reel Evil. Watch knowing it will be a cool ghost story from a staple studio in the horror genre but don’t expect to be scared or have those intense moments of suspense because they are just not in this movie.

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Reel Evil is not badly made, although the acting is not always in the correct register and the dialogue is rather poor, switching character traits between the leads as the circumstance requires so that one moment Jessica Morris fearlessly searches the dark and the next she is a scaredy cat little girl. Naked flesh, gory experiments and plenty of jump scares serve up what you expect as well so that the entertainment quotient is complete.

For those that care about the story here (and why would you?), you should just watch Full Moon’s earlier film , an incredibly fun and well-made movie that features a very similar plot. But if you must know, Reel Evil follows a trio of documentary filmmakers looking for their big break. They go into a producer’s office to pitch their big idea, and walk out with a job filming some bullshit behind-the-scenes featurette for a low-budget horror movie’s DVD. Gotta start somewhere. The movie is shooting at an abandoned insane asylum, and because this is a found footage film, there’s ghosts! Zoinks!