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They'll fish tranquil lakes, rocky coasts, flooded forests, and more, all rendered in eye-popping 3D that brings every leaping fish and splash of water to life. A huge variety of fish will test the expertise of even the most seasoned fishing veterans, from wily largemouth bass to powerful bluefin tuna. Players can mix-and-match rods, reels, lines, lures or bait to create their own personalized tackle box -- collecting rare items is both advantageous and addictive, with tons of gear to discover and use. With so much to see and do, Reel Fishing Paradise 3D is a game guaranteed to draw players into its depths!

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Title Year Platforms
Reel Fishing 1996 PlayStation, PlayStation Network
Reel Fishing II 2000 PlayStation
Reel Fishing: Wild 2001 Dreamcast
Reel Fishing III 2003 PlayStation 2
Reel Fishing: The Great Outdoors 2006 PlayStation Portable
Reel Fishing: Life & Nature Canceled Nintendo DS
Reel Fishing: Angler's Dream 2009 Wii
Reel Fishing Challenge 2009 WiiWare
Reel Fishing Challenge II 2010 WiiWare
Reel Fishing Paradise 3D 2011 Nintendo 3DS
Reel Fishing: Ocean Challenge 2012 WiiWare
Reel Fishing Pocket 2013 iOS
Reel Fishing Paradise 3D Mini 2013 Nintendo eShop
Reel Fishing Pocket 2: Ocean 2014 iOS
Reel Fishing: Master's Challenge 2015 PlayStation Vita

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Reception, though minimal has been universally mixed. gave the game a 6.5/10, calling it a "A pleasant fishing sim." [March 2012, p. 101] gave the game a 6/10 and stated "We recommend a catch-and-release approach to Reel Fishing Paradise 3D; it probably isn't destined for your trophy wall." [July 2011, p. 89]

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