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While talking to Steve Parks at the Strike King Booth during ICAST I ran into the guys from Hawgtech. We struck up a conversation and that’s when I found out about their after- market reel handle. Mike Slipy (co-owner) pointed out it’s not your everyday handle, it's manufactured from carbon fiber plate stock then CNC (computer numerically controlled) machined to produce this high-tech handle which virtually fits all baitcasters. Carbon fiber is 5x stronger than steel and is extremely light; you’ll also notice that the handle is longer giving you more leverage. Also unique are the cork grips which give you a nice soft feel and are light as well. The Hawg Tech handles were easy to install, be sure you look in the small built-in box for the new hardware.

The T-Bar offers a considerable advantage over stock reel handles. The T-Bars ergonomically designed 18 degree tilt handle, your hand, wrist, forearm, and upper arm are aligned for maximum power and minimum fatigue.

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  • 2 Types of fishing reels
    • 2.1 Fly reel
    • 2.2 Centrepin reel
    • 2.3 Baitcasting reel
    • 2.4 Conventional reel
    • 2.5 Spinning (fixed-spool) reel
    • 2.6 Spincast reel
    • 2.7 Underspin reel
    • 2.8 Reel mechanisms
    • 2.9 Drag mechanisms
    • 2.10 Setting the drag
  • SeReeS Reel Handle Knob Fitting Guide

    We offer a large selection of fishing reel Handles for most popular reel models. To get the most out of your fishing reel consider upgrading your reel handle (round or t bar): Shimano Reel Handle, Penn Reel Handle, Daiwa Reel Handle, Abu Garcia Reel Handle, Fin-Nor Reel Handle, or just the reel knob available in both round and t bar and guaranteed to fit most conventional and spinning reels.

    This is a demonstration video about how I had to modify my hand/finger position on my reel handle to prevent my index finger knuckle from banging into the reel handle nut when setting the hook when fishing plastic baits that required a quick hookset.