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Reel Heroes & Villains: Two Hero Experts Critique the Movies (Volume 2)


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Reel Heroes Recovery Inc. is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to taking disabled and active duty military veterans emotionally therapeutic saltwater and shark fishing. We provide all inclusive trips for local veterans of all fishing skill levels at no cost for exciting fishing outings and once in a lifetime experiences. These men and women were willing to sacrifice it all for OUR rights, please help repay the favor.

Kick-Ass is a great movie with awesome characters. This Blu-ray with Reel Heroes features amazing picture quality and I'd recommend it to anyone who's into the superhero genre.

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Re: Boh..
[Anche in Italia i Reel Heroes!]

By: slask

Posted: 14.11.2013 @ 17:58
Si ma se un film pesa 35 gb, cosa ti cambia se te lo mettono in un bd50 o un bd100???
Come vedi siamo sempre lì. Che poi come dicevamo c'è chi per incompetenza (o avidità) ci specula sopra e non fa dei trasferimenti allo stato dell'arte apposta per farteli ricomprare dopo, è un altro paio di maniche.

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Paul - Reel Heroes Sleeve is a great film with a great cast. Pegg and Frost do it again together, and it's another must have for comedy fans. The sleeve on this edition looks very nice and is a great addition to the Reel Heroes collection.

"Fortunate that I got the opportunity to come and meet you. I have always said I'm a reel hero, you are the real hero,” Akshay was quoted as saying.