Part # 40230: Wire Reel Holder 5 Spindle

KEY-BAK MINI-BAK ID Retractable Reel with 36 Inch (91.4 cm) Nylon Cord, Swivel Bulldog Clip, Vinyl ID Strap, Black, Made in the USA


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The Wire/Cable Reel Holder organizes spools allowing convenient wire roll out. Five removable roller bars provides easy access to wire spools up to 12″ in diameter. Reel holder can be mounted to any vertical flat surface or bolt on to a Kargo Master Shelving system for access through rear door.

Having made a few pieces of antique miniature furniture, I then decided after restoring a William IV Cotton Reel holder, to make a copy of it for my wife. The cotton reel holder sits on a shelf at home and has proved to be a very useful as well as decorative item.

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A range of Cable Reel Holders which take the hassle out of installing bulk cable. They allow you to pull cables conveniently and safely from durable, yet lightweight frames. frames fold flat for easy storage when the job is done.

A transparent sealed container is needed to hold the reel and descant, I purchased mine from KMart , its just a little bigger than my biggest spool with some space left over on the side for the descant. (approx 210x120x280 mm)
The reel is placed onto the spacer rod and held with the retainer, some tape around the shaft of the retainer can create a tight fit. the reel should easily spin on the spacer rod.
The reel assembly is screwed to the inside of the container with the screws passing through the floor of the container into the reel hanger. Make sure your biggest reel has room to fit and rotated freely and that the dovetail of the reel hanger is free to accept the Reel mount v block.
An 8 mm hole is drilled into the corner of the container to fit the feed unit, this is screwed to the feed bottom. The plug can be used to retain the filament and block the feed tube for storage, remove when using.
Reel mount v block is screwed to the back of your replicator 2 using the reel mount plate and the existing reel mounting hole.
The spacer (print two) is used to center thin reels like makerbot filament.