Reel Fast Kite Line Winder With 50lb x 500ft Line - Kitty Hawk Kites

Hengda Kite Professional Outdoor Kite Line Winder Winding Reel Grip Wheel with flying Line String Flying Tools With Lock-Blue


Kite reel is made of high impact composite plastic and is durable

There’s really not much debate remaining about the “best” electric kite fishing reel on the market today. The Daiwa Tanacom Bull is the most commonly utilized electric reel for kite fishing by the Miami charter fishing fleet.

If there are moderate winds, simply reel your kite in slowly. Pause if you find it looping due to too much tension. Walk a hard pulling kite down. Make your friend hold the reel, put the line under your arm and walk toward the kite. This brings the kite in without increasing the wind speed.

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  • Grip Wheel Kite Reel Kite Ballbearing Handle with Line$10.87
  • Pepper Scott Professional 7.5" Kite Reel with Lock,Blue

    When winding your line in, keep some tension on the line. Loosely wound line is more likely to tangle. Don't ever struggle to reel your kite in, as you could damage the reel.