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Penn Gold Label Series International V Two Speed Reel, 850-Yard, 50-Pound, Gold Finish


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Read more about the Reel Labels take on . Excerpt: “To make an impression on the shelf, these products – whether they come in tubs, tubes, pots or bottles, and whether they be lotions, shampoos or skin creams – need to feature labelling that stands out, that tells the right story and lets customers know what to expect inside.”

The brewery approached Reel Label Solutions in its quest for a new bottle label supplier, giving us the opportunity to prove our quality and service. In a matter of days we were able to supply a set of printed label samples to show the fidelity of our in-house digital presses, as well as numerous options for printed material (such as matt, gloss or rough finish).

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    That’s what you’ll get if you select Reel Label Solutions for your cosmetic product branding; even if the bottling facility suffers from product transfer, you can be assured of a wipe-clean, sharp finish to your products.

    Anarchy was more than happy with the quality of the printed samples and selected the material that was suitable for their desired brand identity, with Reel Label Solutions able to deliver its initial trial order within a week.