Items needed for your DIY reel leash

Oceanus Reel


LEASH- Retractable reel dog leash extends up to 16ft supports ..

iCat 11029Cp-C99 Reel Neck It Lanyard with Retractable Reel Leash - Holder - Retail Packaging - Red by iCat. $14.36. iCat 11029Cp-C99 iCat Reel Neck It Lanyard with Retractable Reel Leash (Ruby Red). Save 52% Off!

Want to keep your leash out of the way? The Reel Leash stores your leash neatly spooled in a plastic housing which attaches to your harness. The housing has been reinforced with a stainless steel eye bolt to resist strong angular pulls. The leash strap is replaceable. Comes equiped with a brass clip and board attachment strap.

24 Foot Spring Loaded Retractable Reel Dog Leash

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Today we'll make some quick and easy DIY reel leashes made with ..

Next step is to take your trigger snap swivel and loop the cable through. Then zip tie it to itself. Ensure that the zip tie gets a good bite of the rubber to secure the end of your reel leashes

Everyone probably has a junk drawer with a few old cell phone chargers that no longer work or fit their current cell phone. These are perfect for gear leashes, so why not use them to secure your gear right? These DIY reel leashes are quick, simple, and very easy to make. It makes for a fun and easy little DIY project when you’re land-locked and can’t sneak out on the water, plus you’re ultimately protecting your gear.