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In Lisa Greenwald's book Reel Life Starring Us, Dina is the new girl at Rockwood Hills Middle School. Rockwood Hills is known for its cliques and for Sasha Preston, the now famous movie star that used to attend the middle school. Dina soon learns that Rockwood Hills is not like her old school and that in this school you're either in the in-crowd or, in Dina's case, you're not. When Dina gets assigned to work on a video project with Chelsea, the most popular girl in school, Dina can't help but think that she will finally fit in.

Reel life starring us è un libro molto interessante. La storia si sviluppa grazie a due punti di vista quello di Dina e quello di Chelsea due ragazzine di tredici anni che viaggiano attraverso il primo trimestre dell’8th in middle school. Dina si è appena trasferita, mentre Chelsea ha avuto la mononucleosi e entrambe iniziano l’ultimo anno con un mese di ritardo. Chelsea in apparenza ha la vita perfetta

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Reel Life Starring Us: By Lisa Greenwald 5 stars: this author really understands teen girls. I cant wait to read all her other books. About: When 2 students at Rockwood Hills Middle School, Artsy Newbie, Dina Gross and Popular Queen Bee Chelsea Stern, are assinged to work on a project together, Dina thinks it is the perfect oppurtunity to hang out with the popular crew. But when boys, secrets, superstars, and mean girks get in the way, both Dina and Chelsea will be changed. For better,or for…

Given that situation, I was actually impressed by how much I enjoyed Reel Life Starring Us. The setup up is that the new girl in town, Dina, gets paired up with Chelsea, the most popular girl in the eighth grade for a video project. Greenwald alternates between the girls’ perspectives to portray them both trying to handle fitting in, friendships, their family, clothes, and all the drama of a middle schooler’s life. It’s a nice device to show both girls having their own insecurities, that even the most admired person isn’t perfect, and that no one’s life is as great as it might look from the outside.