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The hydraulic operation described is to this point suitable for reel loaders such as those shown in the aforementioned McVaugh U.S. patent. Thus, the hydraulic circuitry is suitable for moving reels from one position to another on a truck bed and for moving reels from the truck bed onto the ground and from the ground onto the truck bed. In accordance with this invention, the circuitry provides in addition means for driving roll assemblies 50 whereby a reel supported by lift arms 26 can be rotated for winding and unwinding cable.

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    The invention is particularly adapted to reel loaders which include lift arms for placing reels on a truck bed. Particularly where the lift arms are controlled by hydrualic drive means, the control of the driving force exerted by a drive roller on a reel rim can be efficiently accomplished. Thus, the hydraulic circuitry may include means for operating a hydraulic motor connected to a drive roller, and control means in the circuit can be employed to cause the lift arms to hold a reel rim against a drive roller with varying degrees of pressure. This arrangement provides a highly effective means for achieving the desired control of driving force on a reel.

    The Elpa automatic reel unloader has been designed to be adapted to any type of flexographic, rotogravure and laminating machinery. It will automatically remove the roll with shaft from the rewinder turret, deflate the shaft, pull it out of the roll, drop the roll on a pallet, load a new core on the air shaft, inflate it, stick adhesive if needed and reload onto the rewinder turret.