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MCLANE 20" REEL MOWER ROLLER - Replaces Reel Mower Front Wheels

Too low to display

Design was used to model the reel roller, and the design drivers are:

The large bearing bores have enough room to build the ball bearing shaft in plastic as part of the reel roller casing, giving me the opportunity to use the same much lighter and cheaper bolts throughout.

To make the reel roller compact, I decided to go with two separate set of rollers that I can put under each end of the reel, and as long as the reel can turn easily, the should stay put. However, fixing screw holes are placed in the base of the roller casing to allow for permanent fixing if required, but I think rubber pad feet will be enough in most cases to stop the rollers from sliding on surfaces. For uneven surfaces, the rollers can be set up on a small board or a book or something.

Reel Roller 3D Printed Parts with Ball Bearings and M3 Screws

  • Greenlee 39660 Reel Roller, Single Platform Roller

    Making the reel rollers a bit longer might add some extra stability for those lighter and narrower reels.
    I think I’ll make a longer set as well. An extra set will be useful for transferring filament from one reel to another.

    Airtripper’s Pocket Reel Rollers, named like the Wades Extruder, is a piece of kit I’ve needed for a while, and they will certainly beat hanging around the 3D printer loosening coils of filament every ten minutes. I’ve had the printer nozzle printing thin air a few times, after nodding off, forgetting to loosen the printer filament off the reel, and ending up spoiling hours worth of printing. So, if you fancy a set of these reel rollers, get the details below and get the files from .