These Trigger Reel seats from Fuji are "Cut Away" so that you can...

GPP® Grey Bowfishing Fly Fishing Heavy Duty GPP Aluminum Spinning Reel Mount Anchor Reel Seat Set


Uplocking Vs. Downlocking Reel Seats

These new Deluxe Graphite Reel Seats in both spinning and casting are the best available on the market. Our extra sturdy construction guarantees durability to last a lifetime. Compare the finish, size and strength of our collar, cushion, hood and barrel, then compare the price. The quality of our fit and finish is comparable to anything you've used in the past.

Spinning Reel Seats feature cushioned, self-aligning S.S. hoods which eliminate corrosion between reel and reel seat hood. This feature should be utilized particularly around saltwater for added corrosion resistance. Deluxe Graphite Spinning Reel Seats feature stainless cushioned hoods in stainless, black, gold, tichrome, blue and holographic. These are the highest quality reel seats available.

reel seat - место на удилище для крепления катушки

SEA-GUIDE Heavy Duty (but lightweight)
Reel Seat
Marine Grade Aluminum

Wood Insert TiCH Aluminum Fly Reel Seat 3-6 WT

VSS Reel Seats are lightweight, extremely tough and designed with a unique “collar” that not only looks stylish, but protects and reinforces cork in critical areas near the seat. Order cork handle number BGV16/17 for a perfect fit every time. Available in a variety of hood colors and diameters.

The new Versatile Spinning Reel Seat designed by Fuji®, improves overall strength and performance over standard reel seats and can be used with a much wider range of reels. The slim, smooth streamlined shape provides increased comfort and a superb fit for the angler's hand, while the curved hood supports the hand and fingers from the first cast to the last catch. Increased comfort and support leads to better rod performance!