Vintage Audio Reel to Reel Tape Decks

RMG/EMTEC Studio Mastering Tape 911 Series/ 1/4'x1200' 7'


SCOTCH / 3M 200-24 2400' REEL TO REEL TAPE

It probably seems unusual to begin this segment on Teac mentioning the Berlant Concertone recorder. Emmanuel "Bert" Berlant began manufacturing the Berlant reel to reel tape recorders in the late 1940's. Later his company Berlant and Associates introduced the Concertone line. His partners continued the company when Berlant left in 1956. Interestingly, that same year 2 brothers in Japan Tomoma & Katsuma Tani had acquired a homemade 3 motor, 3 head stereo tape recorder and decided they could build a higher quality product. On August 8, 1953, the brothers formed the Tokyo Electro-Acoustic Company (TEAC) and began producing their early reel to reel tape recorders. In June 1959 the Tokyo Television Acoustic Co. and Tokyo Electro-Acoustic Co. join forces to manufacture tape recorders.

Teac's relationship with the American Berlant Concertone reel tape recorder company led to Teac building components for several different reel to reel tape recorder manufacturers


  • Aaron Dilloway, founding member of Wolf Eyes, often utilizes a reel to reel tape machine in his solo performances.
  • SCOTCH / 3M 150-18 1800' REEL TO REEL TAPE

    The earliest Teac reel to reel tape recorder in our collection is the 1956 Teac TD-102 reel to reel tape recorder. Next is the 1959 Teac TD-105/TD7520/R-111& R-11. In 1960 the Teac 505R reel to reel tape recorder was released. An identical unit was built by Teac and labelled with the Concertone brand, which is also labeled the 505K. We have that unit in our collection as well (above right with the Teac 505 tape recorder).

    Sales of Teac recorders were booming in the 1960's, however for persons in the US, they were only available to military folks through US base exchanges. There were no Teac reel to reel tape recorders released prior to 1965. The US government began requiring that offshore audio manufacturers to have US based service centers.