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“We are proud to announce these two great companies who are committed to carrying our fast growing hunting products,” says Mr. Marcotte. “Reel Wings are said to the be one of the Hottest new hunting product on the market and the future of waterfowl hunting. This brings our total number of dealers to approximately 150 stores and gives us a huge catalog and internet presence. Our growth in our first year has been explosive, and with the growing number of states outlawing mechanical waterfowl decoys, we are looking forward to tremendous growth in 2007. Reel Wings are wind powered, hands free flying waterfowl decoys that look and act like flying and landing waterfowl. We are proud that our products are made in the USA, right here in the Midwest.”

Reel Wings wind-powered decoys feature new flapping motion EZ Wings with Bird Vision UV decoy paint. The 360 Motion Airwings by ReelWings are easy to assemble and easy to use.

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Reel Wings Light Wind Waterfowl Flag Decoy

Joseph Ludkin Reel Wings- Dun Upwings. Designed and made in the UK by Joseph Ludkin, Reel Wings Upwings are realistic, pre-cut insect wings for fly tying and fly fishing. Dun Upwings have been designed for tying sub-imago, juvenile mayfly patterns. However, they can be tied in both upright or flat, spent positions. These Reel Wings also work on emerger, klinkhammer and parachute patterns.

All Reel wings are made using a unique manufacturing method. The process gives a very realistic, etched, white opaque surface. The material used to manufacture Reel Wings is extremely thin. This keeps the wings supple so as not to hinder casting accuracy nor twist the leader. Reel wings may be left natural or can be coloured to suit using ink washes or graphic marker pens (). Reel Wings come in packets of 10 sets of wings. 1 packet will make 10 flies.

Reel Wings is the leader when it comes to UV reflective decoy paint. Bird Vision decoy paint gives waterfowlers a edge. We also have a Flying decoy that is hands-free flying decoy that looks and acts like landing Waterfowl. It is made from virtually indestructible proprietary materials and will NOT break when it hits the ground. It is made for waterfowl hunters! Reel Wings Flying Decoys are truly "The Deadliest Flying Decoys on the planet!" The Best Waterfowl Motion Decoy on the Market!