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Reel Writing: Using Movies to Teach the Writing Process


Cheryl Farr, Current Reelwriting Client

I wish to thank InkTip for introducing us to your site. I’ve been a student of Truby for long years and Syd Field — and they all have my respect, but when I watched and listened to Mitchell German, his honesty, sincerity, and genuine desire to share his knowledge had us enroll in Reelwriting Academy. He is easy to listen to, a delight, really, and the software is functional, quite brilliant; the content is truly exciting.

This story will hopefully take you to a few different places. It will use audio from files and cassette tapes that people mailed or emailed to each other. So you might be thrown around a bit. This episode is about writing and recording letters and poems. I’m Virginia Marshall and you’re listening to Reel Writing: Poems and Prose off and on the tape real.

Tim Elliott, Current Reelwriting Client

  • Reel Writing: Chamber’s Perceptual Realism
  • Dawn Crouch, Current Reelwriting Client

    Mitchell German is the founder of ReelWriting and creator of the software Plot Control with its “famed” Core Elements approach to building a story. He is a filmmaker, screenwriter, script doctor and screenplay consultant with 17 years of experience. He attended NYU Tisch School of the Arts and graduated in 1993.

    Plot Control’s proprietary layout allows you to see all of Reelwriting’s “Core Elements” and the Structural Timeline. This way you can take all of your ideas as they come to you, and know where they fit into your story.