One would have said he looked like a kitten playing with a reel.

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Origin of reelprobably ; from reel, noun

Direct-drive reels have the spool and handle directly coupled. When the handle moves forwards, the spool moves forwards, and vice versa. With a fast-running fish, this may have consequences for the angler's knuckles. Traditional fly reels are direct-drive.

How to spool a spinning reel on line. Properly put line on a spinning reel. How to load line on a reel. Spool line on a reel in only a few minutes and fish with it right away.

Origin of reel Middle English, from Old English hr&emacron;ol.

  • durable anti reverse reel
  • Origin of reel Origin unknown.

    Underspin reels or Triggerspin reels are spin cast reels in which the reel is mounted underneath a standard spinning rod. With the reel's weight suspended beneath the rod, underspin reels are generally more comfortable to cast and hold for long periods, and the ability to use all standard spinning rods greatly increases its versatility compared to traditional spin cast reels.

    You might find an old movie reel, a reel of copper wire, or a fishing reel. Use the reel on your fishing pole to reel in your fish! Yes, it’s a verb, too. And it’s a lively folk dance — or the music for it — from Scotland (Highland reel), or America (Virginia reel). As a verb, also means to sway from dizziness. If an ear infection messes with your balance, you might reel down the hall like you were drunk.