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Bulk (5x) Rhinestone Retractable ID Badge Reel


Add some fun to your card accessories with this rhinestone badge reel

This stunning bling rhinestone pink Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon custom rhinestone ID badge pull reel its BEAUTIFUL! This amazing bling custom pink rhinestone Breast Cancer Awareness badge reel stands for something bigger than all of us. This badge reel is more than an ID badge holder. Its’ a very important step in raising the essential funds needed to help rid our world of this horrible disease once and for all!

This stunning rhinestone bling badge reel says business and play all at the same time. Great to wear on business or on a special event. The rhinestone badge reel will keep you hands-free with it’s built-in ID badge quick-release latch that makes it easy to hang anything you need to display your school or work credentials with style and pizzaz.

Koi Limited Time Rhinestone ID Badge Reels

SIZZLE CITY New Custom Made Bling Rhinestone ID Badge Pull Reel Retractable ID Badge Holders (Black Hello Kitty Nurse)

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Bling Rhinestone Badge Reels - J. O'Brien

These one-of-a-kind SIZZLE CITY custom 3D gold elephant bling rhinestone retractable ID badge reel designs are sure to steal the show and bring life, style and pizzazz to your boring old work or school ID badge. These bling elephant retractable rhinestone ID badge pull reels are the perfect ID badge holder for all elephant lovers out there. These custom bling gold 3D elephant badge reels are amazing!

We are proud to introduce one of our most fun bling ID badge pull reel designs to ever hit the SIZZLE CITY shop. Our new custom bling baseball retractable rhinestone badge reel is a one-of-a-kind design that is sure to be a home run with baseball fans. This amazing bling ID badge holder is as tough as the baseball coaches and administration for whom this rhinestone retractable pull reel was designed for. This bling baseball badge reel is sure to knock it out of the park!