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of the 1930's-50's were small conventional reels that had #1 (level winds) but not #2 or #3. They were still knuckle busters, but at least they put the line on the reel evenly so that an angler could useheavier lures (like spoons and plugs as for basses) with repeated casts. The heavier lures relied on the knuckle-busting handle to prevent backlash when casting. These 'river reels' eventuallywere combined with #3 (casting seperators) and #2 (drag systems) to emerge as the first (black-) reels. Later reels 'bass casting' reels such as the round 'Ambassadeur(TM of Abu-Garcia)' series from (still in production) and others emerged. Bass Casting Reels needing smaller line capacities began to flatten over timeand have very small spools with low line capacities now.

Over coffee Robb shares with me a brief history of the trials and success of his River Keeper Reels—we talk tolerances of mere thousands of an inch, design, function, anodizing, other reel designers he esteems, the market, and general fishing culture and mayhem. We sit among numerous, jewel-like, reel components (including his unparalleled, really COOL clicker design) in various stages of finish that will be assembled to become the exceptional .

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These new lightweight, river fishing reels are a marvel of modern day engineering and the envy of many. Wychwood brings to the bank a product that truly challenges the boundaries of production technology with the #2/3 reel weighing in at a staggering 50g and the #4/5 reel at only 58g