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American Speciality RT50 50' Handi-Hose Reel


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There are a number of made-for-an-RV hose reels which command a hefty price—some motorized, and most are open frames. Is there something better? Maybe. Using a garden hose reel with a drinking water hose sounded like a good idea. More than 2 years later, it’s still working great, with the hose up off the ground when I’m close to the hydrant. That includes using it through 2 winters where it saw either single-digit or below zero temperatures.

There are several ways to keep your hoses separate. If your rig does not already include an RV hose reel or hose carrier, you may want to consider getting one. These units help keep your hose neat and tidy while you travel down the road.

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One last thing to you may want to think about is storage for your RV hose as well. Just like anything, taking good care of your RV water hose will ensure it will last you many years. There are nice RV hose reels and I have also seen a few hose bags which store the coiled up hose, neatly and securely. Either of these will do.