Manual Scotts Push Reel Mowers.

Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower


Where to buy the Scotts Classic reel lawn mower

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So wait a second! What’s the difference between adjusting the blades and changing the cutting height? The cutting height adjustment changes how high the grass is cut. The blade adjustment adjusts how the reel turns inside the mower, keeping the blades cutting properly when the reel turns. The Scotts reel mower comes with the blades pre-adjusted, so you won’t need to mess with it initially.

Sharpening the blades on a Scotts Classic reel lawnmower:

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The Scotts Classic reel mower has a large 20” cutting width.  This is perhaps best for mowing extra-large lawns, and a bit trickier for smaller lawns with landscape features.  The cutting system is the “old fashioned” contact-variety and does require regular sharpening and blade adjustment.  

You can purchase a sharpening kit here, but we find it difficult to use and not very satisfactory.  The old-school cutting system is easy to manufacture.  This helps keep the price tag small, but over the long run will cost you more time, money and frustration to maintain.

The handle is easy to assemble. 

The Scotts Classic is heavy and wide, making it better suited for large lawns with thick grass.

Pro’s of the Scotts Classic:
- Large 20” Cutting Width.
- 3” cutting height is higher than other reel mowers
-Cuts thick grass better than other mowers.

Scotts Push Reel Mowers versus Rotary Mowers: Safety Precautions

"Arriving the second day after ordered, the Scotts Classic Reel Mower Blade Sharpening Kit was lighter and less bulky than I expected, even though I watched the demonstration video. I applied an adhesive strip and pressed it firmly everywhere until the adhesive held all of the strip to the slight angle along the length of the backstop. Attaching it was as simple as in the video. I think of the reel as the rotating blades, and the stationary, adjustable blade as the bedknife. I had backed off all adjusting screws more than necessary, then tightened each rear screw to create a slight drag to rotation of the reel. Wow, the reel's edges began to sparkle in the sunlight as I walked the mower up and down the driveway! After loosening the rear screws to remove the sharpener, I learned that, for me, tightening the right side rear screw first brings the bedknife into contact with the reel, and holding a strip of newspaper in the gap toward the left side allows me to judge how far! to tighten the other side. Then it's a matter of tightening the forward screws into firm contact, and then fine-tuning each side until the bedknife barely resists rotation of the reel, but newspaper strips magically separate no matter where they are positioned along the bedknife. Wear a glove to rotate the reel to and fro by hand as I do--just keep fingers and thumbs out of the bedknife. I used more words than necessary, but believe me, this process is simpler, cleaner, quicker and truer than applying abrasive paste and forever cranking the reel backward to make that 'magic' happen." -Gary.

Why not encourage your family and children to join in on the fun! Reel Mowing is a safer alternative to lethal gas powered rotary lawnmowers. Scotts Classic Reel Mowers are so light and easy to push that even children can safely maneuver them. Users continually write to us, as Bruce in New Hampshire did, "I am THRILLED with my new scotts classic reel mower. It cuts extremely well. And it is amazingly light. My kids love to have turns using our scotts classic reel mower, and they can really push it, even the 5 year old."