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Shimano SEC4000FE Sedona Compact Spin Reel


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All new Shimano fishing reels come with schematics. Schematics for past and current reel models can also be downloaded fromthe Shimano website or throughfishing resource sites such as Pursue the Outdoors.

Shimano fishing reels must be disassembled to be properly cleaned and maintained, and if service is required, they have to be taken apart, too. The Shimano fishing equipment company makes spinning and baitcasting reels, both types of which can be taken apart. The process is different for each style of reel, but anglers who use both should know how to take them both apart.

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Shimano Electric Fishing Reels
Shimano BM9000 Beastmaster Electric Dendou ReelThe BM9000 Beastmaster Electric Dendou Reel features Shimano's brushless Gigamax motor that provides high torque and high speed with high durability.
Shimano Forcemaster Electric Dendou Reels The Forcemaster Electric Dendou Reels feature Muteki Plus motor and Heat Free System II for the most power throughout the day.

Shimano introduces Corner Concept throughout Europe ..

The Shimano Symetre fishing reels are suitable for casting lures at species such as bream, flathead, whiting, bass, trout, estuary perch, Barra, Snapper and more and will hold up to the challenge of fighting larger fish should one happen to take your line.