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Shimano Sustain SA5000FG Reel


Shimano Sustain Spinning Reels FG

Shimano Sustain FE Reels are completely redesigned under the SR-Concept, the Sustain FE features the new Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement, Propulsion Line Management System, and Aero Wrap II Oscillation. The Sustain FE is further enhanced with a titanium coated spool lip for unparalleled castability. Add in waterproof drag and a thread-in machined aluminum handle for unprecedented durability.

Offering the latest and most advanced features Shimano has to offer, the Shimano Sustain Spinning Reels also feature a sleek, new look that will stand the test of time.

Shimano Sustain FE Reel Pictures - Practical Fishing

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Shimano Sustain FG Reels at TackleDirect

For over 10 years Shimano Sustain fishing reels have built a reputation amongst Aussie anglers as one of the best reels available on the market. Shimano Sustain fishing reels are leaders in strength, reliability, smoothness and uncompromising technology.

Shimano Sustain Fishing Reels have won tournaments broken records and landed countless fish! It’s hard to believe but the engineers at Shimano have made a great reel even better! The Shimano Sustain FG Spinning Reel takes that time tested tournament performance to the next level with a complete swag of new upgrades.