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Get high-end performance at an affordable price with the Shimano Sienna 500FD Spinning Reel. The Shimano Sienna specializes in a front drag reel that allows you to tighten the line easier from the top, giving you a better edge on catching fish. Offering great features such as the Propulsion Line Management system for longer casts and reduced backlash. The Super Stopper II gives you instant anti-reverse without backplay.

Control your spool speed by using Varispeed oscillation for even line lay. This 500 size reel offers redesigned bail trip, ported handle shank, rubber handle grips, and maintenance port. DynaBalance in the rotor removes wobble during retrieves, while the Power Roller II decreases line tangles. The Shimano Sienna Reel has a graphite frame, repairable clicker, sideplate, shielded stainless steel ball bearings, and an S-rotor. Cold-forged aluminum spool. Approved for use in saltwater.

The Shimano Sienna FD Spinning Reel is a determined angler's dream when it comes to catching the big one! The Propulsion Line Management system allows for longer casts and reduced backlash, while the Super Stopper II is for instant anti-reverse with no backplay. S A-RB bearings feature shields on both sides that reduce the possibility of salt or sand inhibiting the bearing's rotation.

Eliminate wobbling during a retrieve with Dyna-Balance technology that uses a computer-balanced rotor, keeping a solid rotation and no vibrations. The Sienna FD Reel diminishes line tangles by as much as 50% with the Power Roller twist reduction system. Its ultra-light applications make this spinning reel perfect for large freshwater and inshore fish.

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    Sienna spin reels have been part and parcel of the Shimano lineup for well over a dozen years now, and the latest incarnation certainly raises the standard when it comes to entry-level performance. The compact XGT-7 body has a changed centre of gravity, which makes them comfortable for newcomers to fishing to use, while one ball bearing and one roller bearing combine with Dyna-Balance to makes winding delightfully smooth. There are three general purpose sizes: 1000, 2500 and 4000, which cover all manner of light line situations, from bait fishing to Squidgy soft plastic and hardbody lure casting. Gear ratios in the 1000 FE and the 2500 FE are 5:1, while the 4000 FE is slightly faster at 5.2:1. They punch out 4kg drag and the AR-C die-cast aluminium spools hold a generous amount of monofilament and a lot more of braid. So if you’re just starting out in fishing or the kids are showing some interest that requires something more sophisticated than just a basic handline, check out the new Sienna FE range.

    If you were to ask many an angler to name the flagship small spin reel in the Shimano range you’ll have a very large percentage say the Stella, without hesitation. And yes, it is beyond doubt the pinnacle of Shimano spin reel design and engineering. For many other Shimano fans however, they will give you a remarkably different answer. Most anglers would be stunned to learn just how many experienced anglers carry a Sienna as their go-to utility around the inshore grounds. The Sienna reel is one of the cheapest spin reels offered in the Shimano fishing reel range. It is in every way an entry level spin reel, but for many well-travelled, experienced anglers, it’s the Sienna that puts Shimano at the pointy end of spin reel manufacturing.