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Shimano IX 1000 Rear Drag Spin Reel


Small Spinning Fishing Reel (DH500) - China Fishing Reel, Spinning

Regarding fluorocarbon, I never spool it on small spinning reels. Its rigidity causes casting problems. It tends to slap the rod blank, and feels heavier on the rod than comparable mono. For abrasion resistance in heavy cover, or as a means of disguise, it’s often beneficial to add a 12- to 18-inch section of 4- to 8-pound-test fluorocarbon at the end of a mono or braid mainline.

Reel Choice
For maximizing casting distance and minimizing line coils, larger spools help. Designations vary somewhat by company, but it’s usually best to select the second smallest spinning reel in a series. Most of my jigging rods are matched with Shimano Stradic CI4 1000s, Pflueger Purist 1325s, or Abu Garcia Cardinal STX10s.


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    Palm Size Metal Coil Mini Fishing Reel Ultra Light Small Spinning Reel For Ice Fish Pen Fishing Rod Molinete Pesca. Multi-purpose: can be used to pen fishing rod, lure rod, ice fishing, sea rock fishi...

    Line management is one of areas. You get far fewer “woofers” – that’s what I call line blow-ups caused from twist or tangles – that occur occasionally with smaller spinning reels. You can also step up your line size without noticeable problems, and casting distance is vastly improved. I often spool a spinning reel with 30-pound braid, and while the diameter is smaller than mono or fluorocarbon of equivalent size, I gain more strength yet retain castability with the larger spinning reel.