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Best Choice Products® Swimming Pool Cover Reel 21' FT Stainless Steel Inground Solar Cover


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Another important consideration to keep in mind when you are shopping for solar pool reels and covers is whether your pool is an above ground pool or an in-ground pool. Typically, solar blankets can be used for either above ground or in-ground swimming pools, but that will not necessarily be the case with swimming pool solar reels. This is because solar pool reels for in-ground swimming pools are typically on wheels so they can be easily moved around on the pool deck. In contrast, swimming pool solar reels for above ground pools are usually designed to be mounted to a pool's top rail. Either way, however, there are many different solar pool reels available that allow a single person to easily reel solar pool covers in and out.

If you keep all of the above information in mind when shopping for solar pool reels and covers, you will be able to make a smart and informed choice. Then you will be able to enjoy the numerous benefits and advantages that come with using a solar blanket, including lower heating costs, lower chemical costs and an extended swimming season.

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The Auto Reel makes getting your swimming pool solar cover off the pool and neatly on the solar reel effortless. The Auto Reel is an innovation in automatic solar pool cover reels; it simply uses water power to take over the sometimes tedious task of rolling up your solar cover when you're ready to swim. Simply hook up a garden hose to the special fitting on the reel, turn the lever, and viola! the solar cover automatically rolls up on the reel in less than a minute! It doesn't get any easier!

The SolarGuard Swimming Pool Solar Reel is a cost efficient way to maximize the energy savings of your swimming pool solar blanket. The SolarGuard Swimming Pool Solar Reel is very easy to move around the pool deck or yard. Its innovative 20" wheels can roll over just about any surface and neatly dock on their bases when you're ready to unroll the solar cover on the pool.