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RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel with 8 Spray Pattern Nozzle, 65-Foot


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The stylish look and convenient design of this Bond Manufacturing Stanley Automatic Hose Reel is the perfect way to maintain your garden. It has a wall-mounting bracket that offers storage versatility. Featuring re-tracking system, this Bond Manufacturing Stanley Automatic Hose Reel retracts automatically.

Although the standard capacity hose reel is capable of holding 150 feet of 5/8" ID poly hose, it must be reeled back in very carefully and neatly in order to get the entire 150 feet of length onto the reel. We consider the 100 foot length of 5/8" poly hose the best fit for the standard capacity hose reel, allowing for plenty of room for the hose even if not reeled in neatly. The 150 foot length is the best fit for reels equipped with the Extra-Capacity Kit. The photos below demonstrate the difference of the 150 ft. x 5/8" hose on a standard capacity reel and one with equipped with our Extra-Capacity Kit.

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    Have this Garden Auto Power Hose Reel! Designed to provide a very helpful addition to just about any yard. This freestanding Suncast hose reel allows you to automatically rewind your hose with a simpl...
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    The 1042 Free Standing Garden Hose Reel may slide or move if sitting on a loose impediment as the rubber feet need to contact a solid surface in order to hold it in place. If you wish to anchor the reel to the ground you can use up to a ¼” landscape spike through the open rivet holes in the feet. Or, you might consider putting the reel a solid surface like a paver at least 20” wide.[/section]

    Yes, The rubber feet on the base of the 1042 Free Standing Garden Hose Reel have ¼” open rivet holes that can be utilized for anchoring the reel to a solid surface. You will want to select the proper hardware for your mounting application from your local hardware store.[/section]