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JM UNDERHEAD REEL features a special Synchronal Lever Wind for both line
IN and OUT ; More user-friendly & innovatively , the Lever Wind with quick
disassembling adjustment knob is designed to allow manually adjustment on the

NEW!! Jigging Master UNDERHEAD Reels!! (& Other products) - COMING VERY SOON to JIGNPOP!*Colors: Black/Gold, Gold/Gold, Grey/Silver, Blue/Silver, Black/Grey & More! :)

Jigging Master UNDERHEAD REEL - YouTube

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Underhead Jigging Reel from JM

We just got the reel. It is PE6 lefty. THe weight is 29.2 oz. Not bad.
The real advantage of the reel is you just use bait cast reel upside down and you don't need to buy a spinning reel.
It is pretty comfortable to turn the handle.


JIGNPOP: Jigging Master Underhead Reel in Action

The new Jigging Master Underhead Reels have reached our shores and we have been putting them to the test. Scotty smashes a great kingy in the notorious waters of French Pass to win a local fishing contest with his prized catch.

I can see how you would have to have one for an underhead reel, but I just find laying line on an overhead second nature now, so wouldn't use one on an overhead either.