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A nice articl on vintage viewmaster reels. My father had quite a few in his collection for me, i think about 50 reels or so.
Anything from famous baseball teams to roy rogers and his horse trigger. Earliest ones are from 1946 and the latest ones were from 1964. Such titles as Sam Sawyer and the space pirates
Sam Sawyer in darkest africa and several other odd titles. My friend has a complete collection of Star Trek tv shows on view master from 66-68 sereies. I think a lot of famous tv shows wound up on view master reels. Travel was very big on them as well, have many from national parks and european countries. Egypt, Japan, France. They were produced in mass quantities, so i doubt if they have any real value today. I still have the original 1946 ‘BAKELITE VIEWER”. I remember our local dept. store had a huge display of them. They were cheap about 2/1.00
Just thought i would leave a comment! Thankyou for the article.

These vintage Viewmaster reels were all made by Sawyer's Inc of Portland, Oregon. They are all in like new condition in the original blue and white packet. I have viewed them all in the vintage model c viewmaster that I also have for sale.

Vintage Viewmaster Viewmaster Reels Sawyer by VintageJunkInMyTrunk

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