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XtremepowerUS Garden Water Hose Reel Cart 300 FT Outdoor Heavy Duty Yard Water Planting


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Kifco Water-Reels are an automatic form of portable irrigation which use one of four Drive Options to turn the Reel and retract the Gun Cart (Sprinkler) back to the machine where it automatically turns off. B-Series Water Reels can be equipped with either a Turbine, Bellows, Electric Motor or a Gas Engine Drive. Ag-Rain Water Reels can be equipped with either a Turbine or a Gas Engine Drive.

All Ag-Rain and B-Series Water Reels with tube diameter of 1.8” and larger utilize the Turbine Drive. The Kifco turbines are the most efficient turbine drive in the industry (10 PSI or less pressure used in the turbine) and are a reliable, efficient and highly adjustable drive option. Kifco impellers are precision machined from aluminum or composite material for longevity and resistance to corrosion.

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Cold Water Linecounter Reels Feature:

We offer a full range of garden hose reels for homeowners or for industrial applications as well. The water hose reel options include wall mounts, base mounts, or portable wheeled versions too. Hose capacities range between 125 to 350 feet depending on the model and style. Most reels accommodate standard 5/8” diameter hose but do not include the spray guns or garden hose. Select reels can accommodate larger 1” hose on request. See details below. All reels come with a leader hose to connect to the water source. We can provide garden hose fittings if you do not already have the needed adaptors but in most cases it is just as easy and screwing in the garden hose connection. Garden hose reels provide and effective way to organize your hose, as well as keep it protected when not in use. Durable 13 gauge steel assure long life from the reel, and a limited lifetime warranty indicates high quality construction. Of course, abuse, neglect, or misuse is not covered but proper maintenance and care will certainly allow extended life. We do also offer a full line of garden hose hangers if you prefer a simpler or more cost effective way of keep your garden hose neat.

air/water hose reel you won't have to trip over a jumble of hose laying around on the ground or floor if you have got this wall mounted hose reel ,just pull out the length of hose your need,...