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ZeeBaaS is another leader in the surf fishing category. ZeeBaaS takes innovative designs and engineering to a whole new level on their reels. Made from the highest quality, aircraft-grade materials, designed for long lasting use and abuse.
ZeeBaaS reels are built for the demands of a surf fisherman, with the most extreme conditions in mind. You can trust you'll catch your personal best when you're reeling it in with a ZeeBaaS.

Hurray for ZeeBaaS reels bringing back production to the good old U.S.A. The article indicates the reels are assembled in Stratford without mentioning where other U.S. production is taking place.

Sorry we no longer carry Zeebaas fishing reels

Jake Freeman of Skishing New England helps explain the sport:

"Skishing  is the contraction of the words “Ski” & "Fishing" - which occurs when a large fish provides a good tow through the water when hooked.  This is an extreme form of surfcasting, whereby a wetsuit & fin clad fisherman targets saltwater fish with rod & reel while swimming."  

The New England waters are active with skishers generally from April until November.

Considered by some to be the most extreme anglers, skishers are a different breed of fisherman. Your requirements are unique and the ZeeBaaS reel can meet them all.

The ZX2’s compact body with its waterproof construction is fully submersible. Its anodized, corrosive-resistant coating protects the reel in extreme skishing conditions. Its aircraft-aluminum body makes it strong, yet lightweight for hours of fatigue-free skishing. And its robust drag is ideal for taking any size fish you encounter.

And since ZeeBaaS'  ZX2 20, 22, 25 and 27  feature interchangeable spools and offer a wide range of line capacities, you’ll be geared for those days when you’re on the surf, rather than in it. You’ve found a lifelong partner in your ZeeBaaS ZX2!
ZeeBaaS Reels are 100% Submersible

Spools 25 & 27 Shown

Photo Courtesy of Jacob Freeman

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Within two casts of restarting the popper was absolutely engulfed by a fish that was at least one metre long. I saw the bow wave an instant before the bucket sized mouth inhaled the popper. Giant Trevally and a good ‘un. I set the hooks and hung on for grim death. Line poured from the spool as the heavy drag on the ZeeBaaS reel growled in anger. The trevally headed into the coral within seconds, shook its head in disdain and straightened the body treble without a second thought. The air was blue. I’d just re-learned my first lesson on fishing in the tropics. Make sure that the treble hooks are all 4X strength as anything less is an accident waiting for a place to happen. Fortunately I still had the popper so I spent the next 10 minutes replacing the split rings and hooks with the heaviest ones that I was carrying.

I opted to fish between 4.30 and 5.30 pm on the leeward side of the island as it coincided with the run down to low tide and dusk. I started with a soft plastic and it was swiftly claimed as booty by the weed coated coral about 20 metres offshore. On went a small (~ 2 ½”) popper and this was systematically worked at high speed through the channels between the weed beds. As dusk approached the fish started to move in the margins and before long the fizzing and gurgling popper got monstered in close by a small tropical barracuda. It was no match for the heavy spinning rod and ZeeBaaS spinning reel and it came quickly to the shore where I promptly removed the trebles from a mouth that was festooned with teeth like broken off toothpicks .